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What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve

I would like to take you on a journey and introduce you to a personal power program over a period of 30 days. I am here to tell you that today you are beginning something that it will change the quality of your life, like forever. I am speaking from experience because I had the privilege of working with many people and studying what is the cutting edge that makes the difference in the quality of life.

I want you to know that I am absolutely committed in these 30 days to making sure that you get measurable results from this program. All that is required are two things: first, the desire on your part, and second, commitment to follow through and make this program each day and follow through the exercises you given, as simple or as complicated as may seem in the moment.

If you do that the things that you used to call dreams will become part of your daily reality. I am speaking from experience; an experience not only from helping other people to make changes in their lives but also changing my own life. How comes that you can have two people who seem to be so radically different in their abilities: one seems to have superior abilities, superior talent, superior skill, superior education and yet, in the same time they don’t produce the quality of life they want; and someone else seems to have every disadvantage, they don’t have the support emotionally, not the family support, not the education or the background and yet, they go out there and they produce results way beyond that anyone would expect.

The difference in the quality of our lives does not come down to our capabilities; what human beings are capable of being absolutely incredible, but what people will do is rather different than what they can do. I will challenge you on this program to start exercising your will, to start using what I am calling your personal power. 

Introduction to personal power

v     Personal power equals action
v     Don’t major in minor things
v     My study of success
v     The ultimate success formula
v     Accelerate your pace by modelling
Take action: make two decisions

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 The Art of Personal Development
Chapter 1
Pain and pleasure
v     Two forces control all behaviour
v     Why we sometimes fail to act?
v     We will do anything to avoid pain
v     What really drives behaviour?
v     Take control or live in reaction
v     Make pain-pleasure work for you
v     Ask yourself a better question

v     Five steps to get yourself going
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Chapter 2
The Power of Associations
v     Our associations drive our lives
v     The four elements of destiny
v     Tomorrow’s results start today
v     Examples from my own life
v     Associations can move us forward
v     Associations can ruin our lives
v     How we create associations?
v     Identify your past associations

Chapter 3
Three steps to lasting change
v     How traditional therapies work?
v     Break through by changing meaning
v     How to create lasting change?
v     Step 1: Get leverage on yourself
v     Step 2: Interrupt the pattern
v     Step 3: Creating a new association
v     Two examples of conditioning
v     Start using NAC’s three steps today

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Table of contents

Introduction to personal power – page 003
Chapter 1 – Pain and pleasure – page 021
Chapter 2 – The Power of Associations – page 036
Chapter 3 – Three steps to lasting change – page 051
Chapter 4 – The power of goals setting – page 067
Chapter 5 – The driving force – page 85
Chapter 6 – The rapid planning method – page 108
Chapter 7 – Your daily magic – page 122
Chapter 8 – Your hour of power – page 132
Chapter 9 – The Power of Affirmations – page 158
Chapter 10 – Results Workshop –Part One  - page 163
Chapter 11 – Results Workshop – Part Two – page 185
Chapter 12 – The Power of Relationships Part One – page 205
Chapter 13 - The Power of Relationships Part Two – page 228
Chapter 14 –Pure Energy  - page 246
Chapter 15 – The Power of Emotions – page 265
Chapter 16 – Financial Freedom – page 294
Chapter 17 – The Purpose of Life – page 314
Chapter 18  – The power of identity – page 325
Chapter 19 – Achieving your Ultimate Goals – page 341
Chapter 20 – The Power of the Human Paradox – 365
Chapter 21 – The Power of Anticipation – page 380
One last thing… - page 404

Chapter 4
The power of goal setting
v     A life-changing train ride
v     Why gaol-setting really works?
v     Real-time goal-setting workshop
v     Part 1: Personal Development
v     Part 2: “Things” Goals
v     Part 3: Economic Goals

v     Take the rocking chair test

Chapter 5
The Driving Force
v     Why people feel fulfilled?
v     Need 1: Certainty/Comfort
v     Vehicles: How we meet our needs?
v     Need 2: Uncertainty/Variety
v     Need 3: Significance
v     Need 4: Connection/Love
v     Need 5-6: Connection/Love

v     Why we love or hate to do things?

Without doubt, the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving thei mind open to the negative influence of other people. This weakness is all the more damaging, because most people do not recognize that they are cursed by it, and many who acknowledge it, neglect or refuse to correct the evil until it becomes un uncontrollable part of their daily habits.

Chapter 6
The rapid planning method
v     Manage your life not your time
v     Whatever you focus on, you feel
v     To-Do List: The source of stress
v     The three questions of RPM
v     The power of chunking

v     Begin the process of chunking

Chapter 7
Your daily magic
v     Intro – How to use this?
v     Move and Breathe
v     Get grateful and visualize
v     Use incantations and exercise
v     Workout 1 – 30 minute session
v     Workout 2 – 45 minute session
v     Workout 3 – Your hour of power

v     Warm-down and celebrate!

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Chapter 8
Your hour of power
v     Get the edge
v     How can we use this?
v     The art of fulfilment
v     Emotion comes from motion
v     The power of physiology
v     Focus, Beliefs and Language
v     Tap into your awareness

v     Give yourself the gift of time

Chapter 9

The Power of Affirmations

Chapter 10
Results Workshop – Part One
v     Success leaves clues
v     The three reasons we don’t change
v     Exercise: How we rationalize?
v     Overcoming Rationalization
v     Creating an effective strategy
v     Conscious change: Steps 1-2
v     Exercise: Let’s get honest
v     Step 3: Create an action plan

01.     Personal power equals action

Personal power to me means to act; the ability to take action and produce results, and it is a power you already have and not something I am going to give, it is something that hopefully will awaken in you. I will do that in two ways: one, by igniting your desire; and two, by showing you some simple, systematic strategies and how to get greater results out of yourself on a daily basis.
When most people think of success and failure, they think of two giant things. Failure is not an overnight experience and neither is the success.  Failure is the results of failure to make the calls, failure to follow through, failure to say ‘I love you’, failure to give a hundred percent, that creates ultimate failure in life, the feeling we want to avoid with all cost. And yet, success is one step at the time; it’s the success of making the calls, the success of getting yourself up and following through, the success that you make sure that you make that unique contact, the success of breaking through all the limitations that block you, it’s the combination of all those little successes over a 30 day period and over a lifetime that eventually creates a life that we have total pride and joy knowing is our own.
The purpose of this book is to show you how to absolutely tap the power within you an ongoing basis and makes it effortless and make it a lifestyle for you. Before we go any further I want to tell you that a have an incredible respect for you and I care about you even if I don’t know you personally and I never met you, and I am saying that with all sincerity. The reason I am saying that is because I think that you and I are alike spirits; you pick up this book and made an investment, and now you are reading it. You are ten times further than 99% of the people you and I am going to meet on the street: people who want to change, but they have no clue what it is they want and even worst, they are not doing anything to change it. You at least are searching, and for you to be reading this book it says to me that you are willing to succeed; so I am going to do my part by giving you the skills that you make the difference.

02.    Don’t major in minor things

I spend part of my life focusing on one primary question: what makes people do what they doing? What drives human being's behaviour? What makes that difference in human performance? And my belief that in life power comes from concentrating your focus and take daily actions to improve something. If all you do is working on something and improve one percent per day, what’s the difference over one year? Well, it is not 365% difference, because one percent a day starts to stack on top of it; we are talking about differences way beyond you can imagine. What I am saying is this: by making simple and small changes daily, making little bits of progress you can absolutely transform the quality of your life.
What I want to share with you in this book are the skills to make that happen much quicker than ever I dreamed before. How to make it happen now, and not ten years from now. And my expertise in this area comes from the fact that I wanted to make changes in my own life. I have concentrated the power of my focus on a regular basis to figure out how to make my life work and once I started to make my life to work the way I wanted, meaning that I start to achieve what I wanted and leave the life I desire, immediately I wanted to share it with other people out of enthusiasm. I am telling you that everything you are focusing on a consistent basis, if you put 100% of yourself into it and you are trying to improve daily on, you will improve and you will get better.
The problem is that most of us in life do not control the power of our mental focus. In fact, most of us focus on things like: ‘Oh gosh, how comes that my life is not working?’, ‘How that it is always happening to me?’, and if you focus on that hard enough, then that is what you will experience in life. Whatever we focus on consistently, we tend to manifest in our lives; don’t you already believe that? My hallucination is that you already do, otherwise you wouldn’t buy this book.
The key is to get ourselves to live by these factors. Most people in life major on minor things; they focus on how to make a living and not on how to design their life. They get caught up in day to day experiences that they make really important, when actually in the long term they are not important at all. These 30 days are going to be a study on majors of life. The majors on how to take care of yourself, emotionally, mentally, physically, financially, and is what the focus is about. Do you remember Dr Jay, the great basketball player? Dr Jay used to have a philosophy that really affected my life. He used to say: ‘Many people are looking at me and are amazed that I was born with that talent, but they don’t see all the years of practice that went into it. My success comes down to one thing: I demand more from myself than anyone else could ever expect; that’s how you become a super success’.

03.    My study of success

You maybe wonder what drove me to really want to study success at this level of depth. The same thing that drives all of us succeed, applied in my personal case too: either inspiration or desperation. And for me was desperation. I have grown up in an environment I didn’t like. I remember looking around and being dissatisfied; and by the way, if you are dissatisfied with some areas of your life right now, instead of being frustrated, better get excited because until you get dissatisfied you won’t really do anything to get your life to another level. Dissatisfaction is a gem. When you are satisfied your life gets comfortable and starts to deteriorate.
I saw my parents working very hard, and long hours for little money, and most of the times we were broke. I remember what that did to me emotionally. That drew enough pain inside of me that I thought to myself that I won’t ever have my family going through this, and not myself either ever again. I thought that someday I am going to master financial success so I can only help myself but the people around me as well. And that was a driving force for me in that area.
I remember going to high school and I wasn’t a popular kid, but I really loved people and I loved being around them and I wanted everybody to like me, but I wasn’t quite as popular. But I thought to myself that someday I am going to meet the most popular people in school, I will find out what makes them so popular, and I thought that maybe they are the kindest and warmest people that you could ever meet. I remember the day I meet the most popular kid in school. He treated me like I was dirt, like how I dare to enter his space. And I thought how could somebody this rude be so successful and have people like him? That made me study what makes people like other people. For example, people in relationships: people who have been married for 5, 10, or 15 years and they still hang together; they still have passion and they still really love each other. What happened for me, I said in my mind: ‘I don’t like the way my life is and I want to make it better’. So somewhere in my mind, I linked up that what I should do is study success. If you want anything in life you have to study for it. If you want success in your life, then you have to study success, and not leave it to chance.
If you want happiness, you have to study happiness; if you want to be healthy, you have to study wealth; you cannot just hope that things will turn up just to be OK. You can see what hoping does for most people; they cannot have want they want, but they keep hoping that the situation will change. The bottom line for me, is that I wanted to study success like a madman; I believed that if you master yourself and focus on anything then you are going to get good at it. So I decided to become good at it and make my life work. I read quite a few books in the area of personal development, I was listening to tapes continuously, I went to seminar after seminar after seminar, many of them were lousy, but my attitude was that if I go to a seminar and all I get is an idea then it’s worth my attending. If I go to a seminar and all it does is, it tells me something that I already know, but I hear it one more time and because I hear it again maybe I will use it, then maybe I will make my life work. So went through that strategy that  repetition is the mother of skill; and I read enough, and I heard enough, and I listen enough, and I put so much good stuff in, that eventually good stuff is starting to come out.
Now we all have our own definition of success. I guess that mine was money considering that I was growing up poor. I thought that if I make enough money this will sort out all my life‘s problems. Is that true? Of course not! I really made it, I thought when I was in my youth. I went out and I just used massive action: I read all those books, I listen to all that material and I wanted to apply everything I could, and in a short period of time I establish a big company. My ego was exploding and I had what I thought everything I wanted in my life: money!
But something interesting happened; and what happened was that I never had that level of success before, I never had so many people liking me and acknowledging me, I never had that much money, I never had that kind of experience; it was beyond my comfort zone. Consciously I wanted more and better, and all those kinds of things, but unconsciously I believe that most of us have some unconscious idea about what we believe that we deserve. Imagine that there is a thermostat attached to your brain. If you set the thermostat to 20ºC and the temperature drops down to let’s say 16ºC, then what happened is, the heater kick on; your brain goes through anxiety and tell you that you have to do it better than this because it is not good enough for you, and sure enough you have this push, this drive to change things. This is happening in real life when life doesn’t represent right now what you think that should be like.
What is interesting though is that most people don’t realize is that happens on the other side too. What mean is that if you set the temperature in the room to 20ºC and things start to get really good, and you start cranking; but when the temperature goes up to 25ºC what will happen in this room? The air conditioning will kick in and you will begin to sabotage your own success, and you drop right back on to where you subconsciously think that you deserve to be: in the relationship, in your economics, in your level of acknowledgement. That’s this make sense to you? Maybe it doesn’t make sense intellectually, but it makes a lot of sense when you start studying how the human beings behave.
And this is what I did: I have begun to sabotage my own success. I started to not show up for key meetings, I started to treat people harshly who didn’t deserve to be treated harshly at all, I started eating like I was going out of style; I never used drugs or alcohol, but I used food like it was a drug and I put a lot of weight on in this way, I caught up in this vicious circle. The bottom line is this tough, I as began to sabotage it didn’t stop with me, but it started to affect everyone around me. I fired almost everyone in my company till I had only three employees left, and I fired them too. I went totally broke financially, and I have to move in a small bachelor apartment living in poor condition. Waking up each morning with major goals like, what I am going to eat today, and watching TV serials every day. So how that my life turned around? The answer is, it wasn’t by more information, and it wasn’t by more technology that made the difference. What made a big difference for me is a friend came by; someone I haven’t seen in two years. And the reason he came back to visit me was because he couldn’t call me on the phone, because my phone was disconnected. I was hiding from creditors trying to survive.
He basically put it on me. He couldn’t believe how much I deteriorated, and he was a true friend. He wasn’t mean or vicious, but he was strong. He said to me: ‘Look, you worth more than the way you are living; what happened to you? You know all this stuff, you know all the books and the tapes as you read them all, and your life is still not working. Why is that?’
‘That’s right,’ I replied ‘it is because nothing works; I felt like tried everything and still nothing’. Well, I learned something in the coming months that really changed my life. I learned that whatever happened in your past or how many times you tried and failed, none of these matter because this moment is a new fresh opportunity. The past in not equal the future. If you have tried lots of programs in the past and nothing has kicked you over the edge, all that is done has have you ready for program presented in this book in my opinion, and I hope that you will find that as being true. Because you will find the technologies I present in this book are different than everything else you have been through before. It won’t be just affirmations; you will understand how your brain really works and how to use it to get real results.
I believe that your brain is the most powerful computer on the planet, use it properly and you will create virtually any results you want; and will give you any answers that you want. But the problem is that you got this great computer, but nobody gives us an owner manual and doesn’t tell us how to use it, and it is not user friendly. In this book I will show you how to operate and direct your own mind with more precision than ever before, but here is your part, and this is part of the introduction and the message for right now is this: what changes your life is not learning more; what changes your life is making decisions and using your personal power and taking actions. That's the definition of power is, look in the dictionary; power equals the ability to act. This is what sets people’s life apart.

04.    The ultimate success formula

My friend made me take action by challenging me, and I am returning the favour now to you. No matter how successful you are comparing to your friends, compared to what you think other people are like, it’s now the time to take yourself to a new level, to begin to enjoy more the juice of life by demanding more from yourself than anybody else could ever expect, and by using tools that are cutting edge, the newest technology on how to create change.
The science that my friend introduced me to, was a science that literally reprogrammed the mind, and believe me when I tell you that was different than everything I done before. I have done before all the positive thinking, and all the affirmations, and; that stuff but my life weren’t still working. What he really introduced me to was a technology that literally reconditioned the way my mind works; a technology for changing the way I felt and the way I behaved forever. What are you going to learn from this book is that is just being a series of technological breakthroughs in many of the sciences; in the computer science where we can now process information much faster than ever before; agriculture, medicine, also equally have been a great break-troughs in the areas of human technologies, meaning technologies on how to get ourselves to change our emotions and our behaviour on an incredible speed. And very few people know about these sciences. In this book I am going to expose you to a series of these technologies as my friend has done to me, even if he was exposed to me to only a few of them, back there.

I have changed literally everything in my life, from my emotions to my finances, from my confidence in my physical health. How did I do it? I have used what I call ‘the ultimate success formula’, and here is what it is, it implies four steps: if you want to create success in your life it always come back to this:

Chapter 11
Results Workshop – Part Two
v     Step 4: Uncover limiting beliefs
v     Changed beliefs, changed lives
v     Exercise: Discover new beliefs
v     Step 5: Set yourself up to win
v     Exercise: Enhance the experience
v     Step 6: Take massive action

v     Step 7: The seventh power

Chapter 12: The power of relationships – Part One
Find the gap: Where are you now?
The secret of handling upsets
The purpose of relationships
A place to give, not to get
Every person’s primary fears
Resolving relationship conflicts
Exercise: The gift of life
The importance of selection

 The Purpose of Your Life

Chapter 13
The Power of Relationships – Part Two
v     How to make the right election?
v     Exercise: Define the ideal mate
v     Samples from the studio
v     Exercise: Rate your partner
v     The four R of ruined relationships
v     Making the hardest decision

v     An action plan for relationships

Chapter 14
Pure Energy
The secret to lasting energy
New facts on germs and illness
The acid-alkaline balancing act
Regaining balance: My story
Alkalize and energize
How we get out of balance?
The three-step cycle of balance
A new prognosis

Chapter 15
The Power of Emotions
1.        Understanding your emotions
2.       Exercise: Hoping vs. expecting
3.       Every emotion carries a message
4.       Mastering emotions: Step 1-2
5.        Decoding the ten action signals
6.       Mastering emotions: Step 3-6
7.        Ten power emotions
8.       Start using the six steps now!
Chapter 16
Financial Freedom
1.        Moving beyond scarcity
2.       The road to abundance
3.       The power of compounding
4.       Pay yourself first: Invest 10 percent
5.        “Three Buckets” asset allocation
6.       Twelve financial traps to avoid
7.        How to be wealthy right now?

8.       Decide, deduct, and dare to dream!

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Chapter 17
The purpose of Life
1.        The joy of knowing your purpose
2.       Three decisions shape your life

Chapter 18
The power of your Identity
1.        The frog and the scorpion
2.       Our beliefs about who we are create the boundaries in our lives
3.       Mother Teresa’s defining moment
4.       The power of the Pygmalion effect
5.        Who are you?
6.       Who must you become?
7.        Creating a ritual to celebrate your identity
8.       The pitfalls of judging someone else’s identity
                   9.       Expand your view of yourself

Chapter 19
Achieving your Ultimate Goal
1.        Happiness: We all want it, but how do we get it?
2.       Remember you already have it
3.       Change your focus
4.       Ask empowering questions
5.        Learn to perceive rather than judge
6.       Utilize the principle of contrast
7.        Soften your rules
8.       Pay attention to your vocabulary

9.       How yourself to a new standard
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Chapter 20
The Power of the Human Paradox
1.        These amazing changes brought about by an unwavering certainty
a.        The Paradox: Certainty breeds boredom
b.       Sidestep: Debilitating generalizations
2.       Second thing: The need for certainty
3.       Cognitive Dissidence
4.       The ultimate expert in life is you
5.        Consequences to certainty
6.       Pointing the bone
7.        Hamper pole experience
8.       I need to tell you

9.       Your assignment: Decide today!

Chapter 21
The Power of Anticipation
a.        Paradigms
b.       Paradigm shifts and ignorance of them
c.        Trends
d.       Five questions to notice trends
e.       Value of anticipation
f.         Become a paradigm shifter
g.        Turbulence causes excitement of change
h.       Anticipation of turbulence

i.         Homework

One last thing…

1.        Sexuality, the relationship between matter and spirit
2.       Four aspects of the sexual experience

3.       Body, mind, and soul

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